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Natural Materials

Our dinnerware and products are made to encourage sustainability.


Spread some colours on your dinner table by using our Fabric Wraps as place mats or napkins. Save the earth, use it as a Furoshiki wrap for takeaways. Available in FRUITS, WAVE and GRID print.

Merrified Fabric Wrap

The Kit

MAKE + MERRY MAGIC Kit 1.0 is in collaboration with Chef Dylan Ong of The Masses restaurant and Artist Soh Ee Shaun for a takeaway dining experience.


1. A type of merry feeling, mood
2. Transformation into a happy, bright state

1. The art of merrymaking

A happy diet we swear by.

Food, Art
and A Cause

Artisanal dinnerware and homeware.

MAKE + MERRY creates unique dining experiences that celebrate collaboration. We work with a local chef and a local maker (an artist, designer, craftsman) for a good cause.

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“If the experience isn’t fun AND
pushing boundaries, the MAKE + MERRY team won’t do it.”

“The grass may always seem greener on the other side, but what’s stopping you from planting a bed of flowers on your side of the fence?”

Christopher cheah, Audio Engineer and sound designer

“We believe in making lives better for people and the world around us. DSH is proud to be a part of the MAKE + MERRY community making merry all day, everyday!”

Ziqq rafit, Founder, designs says hello

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