The Brand

  1. Make Merry Studio
  2. The Art of Merrymaking
  3. Merrymaking Scale
  4. Food, Art and A Cause

Make Merry Studio

MAKE + MERRY is a creative studio and lifestyle brand with the key purpose to work with local chefs and local makers (think artist, designer or a crafter) to create unique dining experiences that celebrate collaboration.

The Art of Merrymaking

We’re all about having a celebration and making it happen! We celebrate the ideas, concepts, processes, the makers, the doers, the changers. We celebrate you and we celebrate with you.

MAKE + MERRY shapes stories, transforms ideas and curates experiences. We celebrate the everyday and celebrate every day – through the simple art of merrymaking.

Food, Art
and A Cause

MAKE + MERRY’s unique dining experiences are inspired by our love for food and passion for art.

We see both food and art as a form of creative expression and we want to create a concept where the lines of these elements are blurred and celebrated. MAKE + MERRY wants to bring people together to appreciate food, celebrate art and have important conversations around a communal table.

Collaborating with a local chef and a local maker, we curate a unique dining experience that will showcase their creative flair. With 365 days and 4 seasons in a year, we will feature a different chef and maker every quarter.

We create purposeful collaborative projects because we want to transform mere conversations that you might have over a meal. We pledge to give back 15% of our total proceeds from every project to a cause close to our hearts.