An Open Letter

Dear Maker,

MAKE + MERRY is a creative studio that creates unique dining experiences celebrating local collaboration. The brand stems from a very personal reason: To be merry. To enjoy the process and create connections between makers.

MAKE + MERRY consciously works with select business partners (or affectionally known as MATES), who share the same values and we’d love to form friendships through collaboration. We believe in collective strength, supporting small Singaporean businesses and making international relationships.

We cordially invite you to join MAKE + MERRY MATES, a community of creatives and like-minded individuals, brands, companies and agencies.

Here’s a toast to friendships, let the good times roll!


What we can do for you

• $0 to join MAKE + MERRY MATES. You get an exclusive 10% off all products, by-invite-only private sales, events and activities.

• A potential collaboration? You know you can count on us. We are always ready for a brainstorming session.

• Social mentions. Send your brand logo in .ai or .png file, for us to credit your brand where applicable.

• Complimentary 60-min Creative Consultancy Services for your events and parties!

What you can do for us

• If a collaboration is successful, you provide 3 dedicated posts and social mentions on your select social media platform.

• Sharing is caring. Tag us at @makemerrystudio and #makemerrymagic

• Join our events and parties, we’d love to see you there!

• Support us, spread the word about us! Tell your friends and family about MAKE + MERRY. To express your interest, contact us. Terms & Conditions apply.

Our Makers


Double Pass is a brand consultancy studio based in Singapore. Pass them along to a loved one, a friend of a friend, or that one brand you think needs a whole lotta fixin’.

Started back in 2010 out of curiosity and with a drive in wanting to understand Design, Design Says Hello is set out interviewing designers across Singapore. The documentary film has now evolved into a creative community that believes in the big dream of wanting to make the world better for everyone through Design.

Typesettingsg began as a personal project in that aimed to preserve and promote traditional letterpress in Singapore, with a sole focus on moveable types for all printings. The studio was established in early 2014 as an educational hub to share this form of printing and its history with a wider audience as well as the design community.


Gardensilly is the studio of local artist Soh Ee Shaun.

Soh Ee Shaun is a Singaporean artist and illustrator, whose paintings seek to express energy, consciousness and mindfulness into a landscape of sheer colour and joy.

He has been nominated and selected as one of 20 Singaporean finalists for the 2012 Sovereign Asian Art Prize.

FREDRIK is a Singapore based design atelier by Fredrik Yeo. The atelier builds brands and identities planted on user experience and communication strategy. It is our idea to make brands speak, in the way they want to be heard.


“Happiness is other people.”
The very essence of everything we do here. We are passionate about bringing Franco-Asian food and heartfelt service to The Masses. After all, better food is always betterer with the betterest people. – Chef Dylan Ong.

Two Cheers & A Toast is a Singaporean acoustic trio comprising of vocalist Kennigrace Tan, guitarist Chris Cheah, and cajon drummer Joy Chen. The band is most recently a National Arts Council (NAC)-approved, licensed busking act in Singapore, performing at various busking hot spots around town since 2019.

Flowers for Fifty, a creative floral studio that offers handcrafted compositions and omakase bouquets for every day and every one. From elevated imaginative blooms to artisan wedding trellises and whimsical floor-to-ceiling botanical installations, Flowers for Fifty creates specially curated arrangements for every occasion with ideas as fresh and exuberant as their flowers.

Lemon treats for all, baked fresh weekly. Lazy Lemon is a home-bake dessert shop by Amanda Leung.


Aurial Lee is Creative Director at Double Pass. She’s spent 6 years developing brands in hospitality, real estate, fitness and the arts. Brands that she has worked with include The Working Capitol, Gallery & Co., Shangri-La Singapore, The Masses and independent bookstore, The Moon.

Christopher Cheah specialises in Audio & Music Production. Having over more than a decade of experience, he is currently with Hogarth Worldwide (Singapore) as their Lead Audio Producer.

Ziqq Rafit is a human centred designer, speaker, aspiring filmmaker and founder of ‘Design Says Hello’ – a movement that is geared towards advocating Design as a catalyst for social change.

Jude Augustine Tan travels for a living and does freelance photography and videography work. Some of his previous works include documenting renowned Malaysian painter Ahmad Anwar in Los Angeles and he has also garnered communicator award for his works. His hobbies include fitness and hunting for food gems.

Marcin Duda has over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Currently, he is the Restaurant Manager of Tetsuya’s Restaurant in Sydney, Australia, which serves a unique degustation menu based on the Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavours enhanced by classic French technique. Tetsuya’s is a member of the exclusive Relais & Châteaux, and is affiliated with award winning restaurant, Waku Ghin, in Singapore. As a Restaurant Manager, Marcin believes that creating a memorable experience for a guest is much more than merely delivering food.

Elliot Teo and Amanda Leung are a married couple that enjoys baking and cooking at home which they document on @ratherbae. They met each other while they were design students and are now working as UI/UX designers.